東アジア文化都市2014横浜 Culture City of East Asia 2014, YOKOHAMA 交差する、人・アート・文化

Culture City of East Asia 2014,YOKOHAMA Closing Ceremony and Event - The Resonating Cities ~Harmony and Story will go on

The project, the "Culture City of East Asia" which started from 2014, has held various cultural and artistic events in the chosen cities of Japan, China and South Korea for the purpose of to foster mutual understanding and sense of unity in the region, as well as to enhance international information transmission of highly diverse cultures in East Asia.

In 2014, Quanzhou City of China, Gwangju Metropolitan City of Korea, and Yokohama City of Japan has been designated as the “Culture City of East Asia 2014”. Through the year, modern as well as traditional art and culture have been presented in these 3 cities by diverse styles of events.

At the end of the project in Yokohama, a closing ceremony and a special event presented by artists from the 3 countries will be held.


Host Organization:City of Yokohama,Culture City of East Asia 2014 Executive Committee

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